GOGOGO #001: Lottie & Elementor, From Scrolling Start To Finish

TLDW: Live podcast episode. Creating a Lottie file, then implementing that Lottie file in Elementor. Then we will trigger that Lottie file animation via scroll. It will be fun.

GOGOGO Episode #001

This first episode will cover creating a design in Adobe Illustrator and then prepping for Adobe After Effects. We will then animate our design in After Effects and export out a Lottie file. With that Lottie file, we will implement our design in Elementor.

The really fun element we will attempt is to trigger the Lottie file to animate as we scroll. Opening up a world of possibilities!

Tools we used in this episode:

Adobe Illustrator ↗

Adobe After Effects↗

Elementor & Elementor Pro

Lottie Files for After Effects

Next Up:

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