GOGOGO #003: Modern Navigation & Elementor Pro: Minimal Store

TLDW: We design a minimal and modern navigation and build it with Elementor Pro with a little help from Microthemer.

In this episode, we will be designing modern navigation for a minimal e-commerce store. Then we will build the navigation out for Desktop with Elementor Pro and some help from Microthemer.

We also show you how to use pop-ups in Elementor Pro, along with some fun ways to place the pop-up to be a little more custom. We will also get to modify the CSS of the Gumroad cart module to match our design. (Next Episode) Yummy!

Join us and get inspired to use these tools for your work.

Tools we used in this episode:

Adobe Illustrator ↗

Elementor Pro ↗

Microthemer ↗ (affiliate link)

Elementor #Tutorial #Navigation

Next Up:

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